we need a deadpool marvel movie

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when my advisor is talking to me






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(Sorry for sending a second message so soon after my last.) I was wondering if you could do some brief examples of how an unhealthy form of each type behaves?



The Jackasses:

STP: I’m going to live for physical thrills by engaging in a reckless, expensive, sex-based lifestyle. I will analyze and crush you, by being critical of everything you do and hitting you where it hurts.

NTP: I’m going to be a scatterbrained jackass who never follows through on anything, but instead is so deeply invested in philosophizing and living in dream land that I neglect to do much else other than crush you with my cruel rapier wit, when I’m not manipulating you emotionally.

STJ: I’m going to force you to live by my traditional rules and resist change with every fiber of my being. I will go out of my way to reject any idea that is not founded in logic or past precedence. If you don’t like it, you will be assimilated.

NTJ: I will become so lost in my vision for the future that I neglect taking care of the present and/or crush you as I strive to accomplish my goals. Your feelings are meaningless to me, because you’re an idiot anyway.

The Whiners:

SFJ: You will know, every minute of every day, how much I feel that you under appreciate me. I will stubbornly refuse to change, or embrace any new ideas. I will micro-manage every aspect of your life.

NFJ: I will be argumentative and manipulative while forcing my vision of the future down your throat. I will become so focused on one thing that all else is unimportant. Things will change, and I will get what I want, whether or not you like it.

The Screw-Yous:

NFP: I will pursue my many interests and alternative lifestyles at the cost of my personal relationships or caring about anyone’s welfare other than my own. I will be scatterbrained, unreliable, untrustworthy, and vindictive.

SFP: My lifestyle will be based around impulsive sensory excesses and living fully in the moment, making decisions based on my emotions whether or not they hurt other people. I will rack up incredible debts doing so, without any intention of paying it off.

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I still hold the belief that Ruby’s "I’m AWESOME" rant is the fucking best villain reveal speech because she didn’t say a word until after the deed was fucking finished and there was no turning back like BRAVA evil wench, that’s how treachery is done.


Misha Collins - actor, baker, candlestick maker


Forever wondering if I am contributing to a conversation by using my own experiences or being self centered and rude.

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All alone… with your microbiome!


All alone… with your microbiome!

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Things I want:

For someone to worry about Dean.

For someone to take notice of Dean’s pain

For someone to tell Dean that he is special

For someone to go out of there way to help/protect Dean

Castiel. The thing you just described is called a Castiel.

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Creative Cursing

Have you ever had one of those moments when you just can’t think of an appropriate insult? Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect solution! Currently on sale at Amazon.

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